Alessandro Del Piano

Estudios y especialidad: 
Graduated in civil engineering in 1996 at the University of Bologna, he started working as town and urban planning consultant for many Provinces and Municipalities.
Among the most important professional experiences it can be mentioned the elaboration of the following spatial territorial and mobilty plans and wide area Plans: Piano Territoriale of Lecce Province (senior consultant Bernardo Secchi), Piano Territoriale of Foggia Province (senior consultant Edoardo Salzano).
He has been responsible of the Bologna Province Territorial Plan (PTCP), approved in 2004.
He has been chief director of territorial planning department of the Province of Bologna. Now he is the responsible of the Metropolitan Strategic Plan of Bologna and he’s working on the implementation of the urban and mobility policies of  Bologna Metropolitan Area.
He lectures in Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya Barcelona, Universitè Grenoble Alpes, Cornell University USA, and he published several articles about urban and territorial planning both in scientific journals and popular reviews.